Making the move

July 12, 2018

So after 18yrs working for my current employer Ive decided its time to try something a little different  and give life ago on my own.  Ive worked on some great infrastructure projects within that time , helping the company develop and grow and for the last few years been heavily involved in some cloud based work, allowing my skills to grow as the company starts to take advantage of cloud computing.

So Ive put my practical cloud experience to some use , got some cloud based certifications in both AWS and Azure and going to see if I can use my skills to work with other companies in improving their onpremise infrastructure or developing their cloud infrastructure.

Its exciting time for cloud services, resiliency and redundancy technology that Ive used in the past on premise that historically came with a hefty price tag are now affordable for all companies and Im looking forward to the journey ahead.

Im busy creating the company and trying to work out how to promote myself on this website but will post more updates on here as things progress. Thanks for reading

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