Devops – Perhaps not such a new concept

Since leaving a full time operational role I’ve found myself involved in a cloud based migration that has seen me working alongside a great team of developers much more closely than I ever had the time for in my previous position.

It’s true historically developers and operational staff were always a little siloed, operationally no one liked a new application suddenly appearing on your desk with a list of requirements for it to run, fingers crossed that you had enough spare capacity in the production vmware environment! But when we were able to collaborate on a project it always felt like it went smoother, no one got any nasty surprises, communication has always played a significant part if a project was to be successful.

That collaborative approach between teams seems to now be branded #DevOps, it’s a term we see everywhere, particularly with recruitment agencies, but from my experience as an approach it seems to of been around much longer than the term.

I know it’s more than just better collaboration between teams and I'm hoping as the project moves forward I can discuss some of the concepts of how we are achieving other DevOps benefits like Continuous delivery/Integration, Scale and reliability.

#devops #kubernetes #aws