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Avoiding the Black Friday(Week/Month) stress

Like many infrastructure engineers I have spent the last 20yrs living on a knife edge, praying that nothing breaks over the peak season. With the majority of sales online, any downtime is going to be expensive and despite all the planning that goes into that period you know there could be something waiting to catch you out.

Hopes are high though that this year could finally be different, not because I’m now independent, I still feel all the stress and responsibility for a client’s platform, especially when you have played a key part over many years, building, managing and maintaining the platform

It’s different this year because the Ecommerce platform is moving to the cloud, AWS to be specific, everything we have struggled with over the years, resilience/redundancy, DR and capacity are now just a click (or a terraform script away)

The project has now entered the load testing phase, a part of the project I’m heavily involved in, locust scripts running from various cloud locations are now stressing the new platform. There is something comforting when you start to see Kubernetes and EC2 scale the application as required to cope with the load. You even begin to smile when you witness a POD failure and its restarted with no manual intervention.

The Ecommerce environment is now spread across 3 availability zones, protecting the site from a single site failure, a hard nut to crack for the smaller organisations, simple enough to replicate data to an alternative site but not easy to make that data available and readily useable without some manual effort.

The same applies to the Ecomm database, always a problem for an on-premise platform but Amazon Aurora has even taken the fun out of that with its multi-az deployments, again removing the single site failure headache.

I’m sure there will be new headaches and problems to solve as we move forward but its exciting times with some great new technology.

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